Dental Therapist ADI Feb 24

Indemnity cover

All the premiums are inclusive of IPT at 12% and apply only if you can comply with the statement of fact. Medical malpractice and professional indemnity is one limit of indemnity in the aggregate with costs inclusive. Medical Malpractice Limit of Indemnity - £1,000,000. Excess - Nil. Medico Legal Service - £100,000. The total payable is inclusive of a £32.20 administration fee. This premium represents the premium due for the first 12 months of your insurance policy.

Your profession

You can select the part time rate if you work between 1 to 19 hours per week. You should select the full time rate if you work 20 hours or more per week.

About you

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We are only able to provide cover for those registered with the GDC

Period of insurance

Retroactive Cover
Your policy automatically includes up to a maximum retroactive date of five years prior to the inception of this policy. The retroactive cover is subject to the Terms, Conditions, Limitations, Exclusions and Endorsements of this Policy. Please tick if you need a retroactive date of more than five years prior to the inception of this policy.
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A retro date (retroactive date) is the date from which we need to cover your activities from. This is typically where your previous Indemnity has been provided to you on a Claims Made basis as those types of policies do not offer retrospective cover in terms of the activities undertaken when that policy was in force. For example, if you have been insured on a Claims Made policy since 1st August 2018, then the Retroactive Date on your policy going forward needs to be 01/08/2018. This ensures that cover is provided for claims that arise from your activities undertaken after this date i.e. we are ensuring you have continuous cover. If you are switching to All Med Pro from a Claims Occurrence policy, such as the ones offered by the defence organisations, then you do not need to have a backdated retroactive date as their policy will continue to indemnify you for your historic activities.

Statement of fact

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Please note that you can choose for cover to commence on any date within 30 days of completing this proposal. The commencement date cannot be in the past or more than 30 days in the future. Please note that cover will only commence once you have received confirmation from All Med Pro.